Button Badges

These badges are commonly known as tin badges or button tin badges. These badges are round and available in various sizes:

  • 25mm
  • 37mm
  • 56mm
  • 75mm

Our button badge printing is done digitally and therefore the amount of colours in your design does not have an influence on the printing costs. As in the case with most products the quotation for button badges work on a sliding scale, so the more you order the cheaper the price per badge.

When you enquire about our button badges, please keep in mind that our quotations do not include any artwork. Artwork must be supplied in a print ready format or alternatively we can quote you additionally for the design work.

Button badges has a much less formal look and feel than any of the other corporate badges and is also a much cheaper choice. Many companies prefer button badges because they fit with companies who have a more relaxed corporate identity.

All button badges are fitted with a safety pin fastener at the back, and therefore the option of magnetic backings is not available.

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