Vehicle Wrapping

Our Vehicle wrapping services cover both custom wraps for private individuals and corporate branding for businesses. We offer full vehicle wraps, half wraps and partial branding on vehicles. Vehicle branding fitment and application takes place at our main branch situated in Menlo Park, Pretoria. If you prefer that the branding of your vehicle is done at your premises, we will quote an additional fee. Please note that this will result in a relatively high call-out fee, reason being that we need to make various trips if errors occur and we must reprint or re-cut the vinyl.

We provide our clients with an outstanding experience as our quality vehicle wrapping is done completely in-house by our specialised team, taking our clients from the designing process through to the completion of fitment and application on the vehicle.

We will only be able to quote accurately once we have seen the actual logos/artwork/logo/s and the amount of words/ lettering/Pigmented cut out vinyl you wish to make use of. Only when this layout has been done, we will be able to quote accurately for the actual branding of the vehicle. Depending on the amount of logo’s and content, we will charge you between approximately between R200 and R500 to do a layout.

10 minutes for amendments is included & thereafter we charge R350 per hour for additional changes.

If you supply us with a layout there will be no additional fees.  

To redraw your logos in vector format is not included in this pricing and should you decide that we redraw it for you, kindly e-mail the designs to us. If you have done any form of printing at other companies in the past, they should be able to provide it to you in the correct format or you should have it in a print ready format as per point no 7 under T’s & C’s.

Please contact our offices directly for to place your order.

Tel: (012) 346 6119 / (012) 346 5308 / (012) 346 5272

Fax: (012) 346 5272


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3 products