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Flex Face Signage

This type of billboard is in essence a plain black and white canvas banner, usually 5 square meter big, which is stretched with high tension, over a  25 X 25 mm steel square tubing frame. This design is recommended where the face of the billboard is to be changed at regular intervals.


Should the client require a bigger billboard, then 50 X 50 mm steel square tubing frame.
Surface mounting costs and mounting costs on a steel frame according to specifications are the same, regardless of the type of billboard.
Pros and cons (pro et contra) of Chromadek verses Flexface:

PRO: Approximately 15% more cost effective than Chromadeck.

        The manufacturing process is much easier.

CONTRA: This design tends not to be so resilient to the elements of nature. However, at an additional cost of R30 per square meter, the canvas can be laminated with the liquid clear coating process. This treatment will prolong the fading process caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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