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Outdoor Signs

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The most popular outdoor signs we make, are mostly signs with a steel face (chromadek that gets covered with vinyl) and flex face (pvc material that gets tretched over a steel frame)
These signs are then mounted onto a flat surface such as a wall or poles, whereby the thickness differs depending on the size of the sign.

As previously mentioned flex face is the cheaper option, but is likely to fade 1 year sooner (after 2 years).

A very important factor when it comes to the vinyl being used for the sign, is that you are aware of the different quality vinyl available. A lot of companies details such as, products and addresses etc. change every, 3 – 4 years and therefore they don’t need to go for the expensive vinyl option.

We also get signs that stand on construction sites or building sites that usually do not stand or hang for longer than a year.

We quote on standard monomeric vinyl (3 year life span according to Europe standards). If you require is your sign to last 2 years longer, we will suggest you request to be quoted on polomeric vinyl. This is +- R 60 PER square meter more than monomeric vinyl.

For more info on the different types of vinyl this link can be followed:

If you wish to get a quote from us you will need to send us a photo of the wall or surface you wish to hang the sign as well as the size you require the sign to be. Hereafter we will get back to you with a price. Unfortunately some clients request for us to come out and see the site where the sign will be mounted.

We believe that is not necessary if you supply us with the correct photo and measurements.
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Delivery can be arrange for smaller signage via courier at R120 +Vat in and around Gauteng. R130 for major cities country wide. 

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