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Chromadek Signs

In the event of Chromadek signs, printing is done on vinyl which is applied afterwards onto the Chromadek and then laminated either with transparent vinyl or a special liquid.

The Chromadek usually comes in sheets, which are unspecified in length, but with a standard width of 1.225 metre. However, we also make use of Chromadek sheets which measure 2.450 X 1.225 mm or depending on the specifications, sheets which measure 1.850 X 925 mm.

Should the client requests an advertising board  of 1.5 X 2 metre, it would be advisable to use a Chromadek sheet of 1.225 X 2.450 mm. Mounting without  a steel square tubing frame is only applicable in cases where the required board is to be mounted an smooth surfaces
We manufacture boards to a maximum size of 25 square metre, the equivalent of a board the size of 10 X2.5 metre.

Estimated cost per square metre (Excluding VAT):
Chromadek sheet, laminated with vinyl: R590
Chromadek sheet, laminated with liquid process: R530
Billboard steel frame (25 X 25 mm steel square tubing): R250

Bear in mind that we must have clarity on vital decisions such as;

The size of the board

Which type of preferred lamination (transparent vinyl or liquid clear coating process?)
Is the surface on which the board must be mounted smooth or uneven?
Will a steel frame on poles be more appropriate, and if indeed, how high above the ground?

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