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Multi Banners

Multi banners also known as spider banners. These x-frame banners are supplied mainly in 2 different frame sizes, and both are adjustable. We have a budget banner (also known as the c-style) which is manufactured from a strong, PVC and a higher quality steel unit.

Both of these frames can take these size banners:
1)650 x 650mm
2)1 850 x 650mm

These x banners are usually printed on black/white PVC, with a neat seam of about 20mm around the sides with a 20mm diameter eyelet on each corner that gets hooked onto the x-frame.

An x-frame banner takes 4-5 working days to complete.
These banners are mostly used indoors, due to the fact that it can blow over relatively easily, although you can use it outside if you anchor it with rope and tent pins.

multi banner with 3 different sizes


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